About E'sine Naturals

E'sine Naturals is an ode to Grandma. Ironically, both of my grandmothers have the same name; "Esine" is a unique combination of both of their middle names.

Grandmothers seem to have a remedy and recipe for any and everything; from headaches and the flu, to bug bites and ear aches, to amazing skin care secrets and routines. I was blessed enough to have and to know both of my grandmothers. One of my grandmothers grew up on a farm and can tell you any and everything about how certain crops can be used in everyday living. The other, was a nurse, and loves helping people utilize nature for their healing.

The same way that my grandmothers crafted lotions, butters, oils and "potions" with the highest quality of ingredients and a little extra love - I aim to do the same. 

Here's to Mary Esther and Mary Maxine, 5 years in the making..... Come join us on this journey.